Company Profile

‘Auction agency is the first real estate agency of its kind’  

Auction Agency is the pioneer and innovator of change in the real estate industry.

Our vision is to achieve ultimate satisfaction for every client through results, service & professionalism.

Our founders have identified the disadvantages in the current agency remuneration structure and have decided to transform the industry to create a pleasant real estate experience.

“Why sell with us?”

We understand that transacting in property can be a stressful, costly and an emotional process, hence we have decided to introduce an innovative approach to ensure client satisfaction.


We are a team of highly skilled real estate professionals with decades of industry experience from well-known franchise groups. Our time with franchise groups enabled us to identify both the positive and negative aspects of their business operations hence motivated us to come up with our unique solution.

Our company’s unique and exclusive satisfaction guarantee program means that our agency is remunerated on a satisfaction based pricing system.

This means that ‘you’ have the freedom of selecting the agency’s commission rate ‘at your discretion’ after you have experienced the service, professionalism and result we deliver.  


Our unique structure means that ‘you’ are at core of everything we do, not us.

This is how we guarantee your satisfaction at Auction Agency.